Similar Games Like Coin Master To Play Online

Are you a fan of Coin Master and are looking for more games like it? This list of Coin Master alternatives may be helpful to you if you are looking for other alternatives.

Similar Games Like Coin

Top Free Games like Coin Master

Piggy Go: Clash of coin is a BOARD and SOCIAL free game. Globally, the game has been downloaded more than 10 million times since its release in 2019. Piggy GO is a unique board game that’s played with dice. As you roll the dice and land on reward tiles, you gain coins that you can use to develop your city. There is also the option to land on Attack tiles, which will allow you to raid a random player (usually a friend). Piggy Go Monopoly-style game play is straightforward and enjoyable.

Apart from the general similarities between Piggy Go and Coin Master, Piggy GO also offers players free dice incentives on top of the free spins every day.

Pet Master

It has only been a few years since Pet Master was released but has already gained popularity among mobile phone users. There have been more than 1 million downloads of the game since its release in 2021. Developed by Moon Active, Pet Master is another Coin Master title. The game is similar to Coin Master. Pet Master also has a board game in addition to slots. In addition to collecting cards, you can also explore different locations and discover new things.

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Coin Kingdom

Coin Kingdom has over 1 million players worldwide, despite the game having only been released in 2018. In coin kingdom, you spin reels to determine your actions, which include earning in-game currency and raiding your friends’ kingdoms. To keep with the game’s royal theme, Coin Kingdom even has pets, which are cleverly renamed “servants.”

In coin kingdom, you will find a number of mini-games to play, all of which will provide you with some form of reward. In addition to that, Coin Kingdom is perfect for playing between Coin Master sessions if you’re a Coin Master friend.

Pirate Kings


Developed by Jelly Button Games for Android and iOS, Pirate Kings combines Adventure, Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer game play. There is a great deal of resemblance between this 100% free-to-play mobile game and the early days of Coin Master.

By adding pirates to the gameplay of ‘Coin Master,’ Pirate Kings takes things up to the next level. In this game, instead of attacking villages, you will be attacking the islands of your friends. The game includes the same slots as Coin Master, but with a few changes to the symbols that appear on the slots.The game also allows you to explore and build new islands as well as sail around the world.

In the game, you have the opportunity to build your own island and strive to make it Paradise Island. As a pirate, you must attack other players, take down their forces, and conquer their lands in this epic sea journey. To become rich, you must sail your ship, shoot cannon balls to attack rival pirates, defend yourself from enemy attacks, and mine gold. A few of the core features of Pirate Kings include Join the Mateys, Battle your Friends, Daily Bonuses, and Building Islands.

Spin Voyage: Coin Simulation

Spin Voyage


Spin Voyage is similar to Coin Master in terms of its gameplay. In Spin Voyage, you’ll travel around the globe, exploring and raiding everything in your path. In order to build an empire, you need to collect coins from the slots. In fact, Spin Voyage is similar to a Coin Master in the sense that spinning the reels is the game’s core feature. To advance through the islands, you can attack other players, steal treasures, and spend resources. There are plenty of free spins to help you achieve your goals in this game. With its colorful graphics, Spin Voyage is sure to capture your attention.

Island King

A casual, spinning wheel, single-player, and multiplayer game, Island King is available on both Android and iOS devices from Forever 9 Games. Island King gives you the role of a ruler, deciding how to use all your coins to build up your island. Island king is a game about exploring and building islands with your friends. You can use coins, cards, and other resources to upgrade your islands by spinning the wheel. If you wish to amass an even greater wealth, remember to raid and attack your friends’ islands.

In my opinion, these were the best games to play online if you were looking for an exciting experience like that of Coin Master. Leave a comment below with your favorite game.








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