Coin Master: How To Get A Gold Card?

Would you like to dive into the world of Coin Master and acquire rare Gold Cards? In order to obtain these valuable cards, many players are in the search for the best methods. We have discussed everything you need to know about these cards in this guide so you will know exactly what you need to do.

What are Gold Cards in Coin Master?

In Coin Master, gold cards are extremely rare and difficult to obtain.They are not commonly found inside most chests, and even if they are found in some chests, there is only a very small chance that they will actually be found inside.Basically, they are necessary to complete card collections in the game in order to complete your collection.

Tips & Tricks to get a Gold Card in Coin Master

Listed below are some tips and tricks you can use to achieve a gold card in Coin Master.

Open Chests

In order to get a new gold card from a chest, the most common trick is to look at the stars of the last card you received from the chest. Buy a wooden chest if this card has 1-2 stars.You should buy a gold chest if the card has 3 stars. You should buy a magical chest if you find the last card has 4-5 stars on it. Gold Cards aren’t guaranteed, but this method can help you decide what type of chest to buy based on the rarity of your last card.

Build A New Village

You should upgrade all of your objects to 1 star when you start a new village. Once you have found a new Gold Card, begin buying chests. Then, upgrade all of your objects to 2 stars and buy chests again until you find another Gold Card.You should repeat this process until all of the objects in your village have all of their stars. It could be quite time consuming and resource-intensive to follow this method, due to the fact that Gold Cards are relatively rare, causing you to stay at a certain level for a long time.

Trade With Other Players

Gold cards can be traded with other players. Trading isn’t possible at any time. A gold card can only be traded during certain events or you can join the official Facebook group to be able to trade gold cards.

Spin A Minimum of 5 Times At 1x

It has recently been found that one of the best ways to win is to start with a new village and spin five times at 1x. Building or upgrading your pet will not earn you new stars. The next step is to purchase wooden chests until the last card you find is a gold card. Last but not least, purchase magical chests. Using this approach can increase your chances of finding a Gold Card. Player reports indicate that you have a high chance of obtaining Gold Cards within five chests, but it’s best to buy more magical chests to fill in the non-Gold Card slots.

Use Joker Card

Last but not least, you can also transform a Joker Card into a gold card in order to obtain them. There is a reason why this tip is mentioned at the end, which is the fact that Joker Cards are rarer than gold cards. However, if you already have one, you can convert it into any gold card you like.

That’s all there is to know about how to get gold cards in Coin Master. You can find more similar guides about Coin Master right here on Coin Master Spin Link if you found this guide helpful.

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