What is Thor Wheel In Coin Master?

Thor’s Wheel is a special event wheel that is only available during the Treasure Hunt event, which is held once or twice a year. You can earn huge rewards and make progress in Coin Master by spinning Thor’s Wheel. When these special events are being held, the usual daily wheel will be replaced with Thor’s Wheel. You will still be able to access the regular wheel, through the in-game menu.

When you open the wheel for the first time, it says that you are not able to play. It is necessary for you to earn thunder strike tokens in order to play the game. Thunder Strike Tokens are equal to one spin of Thor’s Wheel. Thunder Strike Tokens will not be available to you at the start of an event, so you’ll have to earn them.

How to get Thunder Strike Tokens?


Thunder Strike Tokens can be obtained by completing Treasure Hunt event missions. Unfortunately, tokens cannot be won with every mission, but there are special Thunder strike missions to play Thor’s wheel. Thunder strike is a symbol that identifies these missions. It is not easy to get these tokens since the rewards are huge.

Thor Wheel In Coin Master rewards


The Thor Wheel in coin master is one of the best ways to earn huge rewards in the game. In just a single spin, you can win a month’s worth of prizes with the Thunder Strike Token and a bit of luck. Getting your hands on an actual token is, of course, hard work, but it is worth your time and effort in the long run. You can earn huge rewards like Mystery chests, 2,500 spins, 1.5M XP, triple ultra attack, 400% Coin Blaze and 5b Coins with a single spin. You usually receive these rewards after playing the game for 30 consecutive days.

Coin Master Free Thor Spins


A huge advantage of this event is that you can win a lot of free spins in Thor’s wheel. Spins can be found in chests and direct rewards. Therefore, Thor wheel can also be used as a means to increase the number of spins in your spin stack after you lose a lot of spins in a row. Thor’s Wheel is one of the best ways to earn huge rewards. Keep an eye out for Thor’s Wheel when it becomes available next time you play Coin Master.


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